About us

The company was founded by two partners with higher technical education and experience in the sector of building ships, pipeline systems and offshore constructions. We use the acquired knowledge and learning to constantly improve the qualifications of our employees, thanks to which we enjoy increasing recognition among customers.

Waldemar Piątkowski

Wice-Managing Director

Graduated in 1979 as Msc of Shipbuilding Technology in Technical University of Szczecin. Working in many shipyards located in north-west part of Poland as Project Manager of the new-buildings of fishing vessels for Iceland and Norway, car-passengers ferries type “Bielik” for City of Świnoujście and several ferries for Norway as well as specialized vessels for Norwegian Coastguard.

Bartosz Borkowski

Managing Director

Graduated in 2015 as Msc of Welding Technology in Westpommeranian Technical University. Working as Supervisor in shipyard located in Szczecin was a leader of the projects of newbuilding work-boats, leaving modules, building and mobilization of the off-shore barges and wind towers elements according to the standard PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007. In 2018 established BJB Services Sp. z o.o. together with Waldemar.


At BJB Services, we believe that people are the company’s greatest asset. It is their high quality of work that allows for the implementation of demanding projects, which is why we attach so much importance to the fact that the company employs only high-class specialists who guarantee quality at the highest level.

We employ people who have already participate in many projects, are able to cope with challenges and have skills documented with certificates and references. In addition, we constantly conduct a recruitment process, during which we focus on finding the right employees for the needs of our clients.

Currently, our staff consists of 70 people, including 40 welders and 30 fitters of pipeline systems. Our employees weld hull sections and barges as well as assemble and weld pressure pipeline systems on a daily basis.

The employees of BJB Services communicate freely in English and work with technical and 3D isometric documentation and diagrams. Welds made even in the most inaccessible places easily pass non-destructive tests: UT, ultrasound and magnetic MT examinations. Employees have certificates of various classification societies, including:


Our Team

Alina Szpigiel


Radosław Janicki


Marcin Szymański


In the course of several years of recruitment conducted in Asian markets, we have established very good cooperation with agencies and agents operating in those markets (Bangladesh, India, Philippines and Indonesia). This gives us access to a greater number of candidates, and thanks to the appropriate selection, we can be sure that we will only offer our contractors professionals.